'I have worked with Stage Stars in the pre production of a number of shows and events where Jamie has always been a force to be reckoned with. She is tenacious and unstoppable, with a great sense of integrity and strength. She is such an encouraging and forward thinking person who can see past any obstacle. She is a problem solver who can work on the fly in extraordinary circumstances and handle herself accordingly.' -Rosie Lucia Corcoran (Actress, Vocalist)


'On several occasions I've had the pleasure & good fortune to work with Jamie Marie Hannigan. Not only has her professional knowledge in each situation proven effective but she has also always found a way to surpass my expectations. As a performer her talent is evident. However, her consistent eye for detail & dedication for organizing productions that create a positive experience for both patrons and performers ... is unparalleled. I look forward to working Jamie again!' - Debby Holiday (15 time Billboard Top 20 Int'l Recording Artist) 

'Jamie is amazing at running multiple shows at one time with Stage Stars! She exhibits such grace under pressure.

I admire it very much and appreciate her help and direction.' 

-Lisa Bouchelle (Musician, Vocalist, Actress)

'Jamie Marie Hannigan is a gifted young dancer/choreographer. The work for hire she's delivered for a number of my productions                

was always exceptional. She listened attentively to my concepts and delivered beyond expectations for each show. I would strongly                

suggest her wonderful work to anyone.               '

 -Glen Burtnik (Musician & Vocalist. Styx, Beatlemania on Broadway)